We are ON for soccer tomorrow morning !!!

QUIZ: Who is the guy at the center of this group hug ? Why all the love ?

Preliminary team rosters:

White Dark
1 Demetri Papadatos Peter Tzivanopoulos
2 Paul Vitale Frank Lofranco
3 Rob Edwards Andreas Tsarouhas
4 George Georgiopoulos Bill Krassakopoulos
5 John Moutsatsos Christian Lambiri
6 Chris Anastasiadis Costa Spiliotopoulos
7 Nick Delis Chris Makris
8 ??? George Zigoumis

Because it is a long weekend, we have an opportunity to play longer (as long as we are not asked to leave the field when our time is up).

Be ready to play more than 1 hour (if possible).

Please bring balls and 2 shirts (white and dark).

Water bottles and cleats areĀ also advised.

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