We are ON for indoor soccer tomorrow !

I would like to thank all participants who take a moment out of their busy schedules to let the rest of us know of their availability for these events.

I know it can be difficult to get to a computer sometimes, as everyone’s daily functions are very different.

But without your efforts, we could not have these sessions. Showing up with less than 12 players (at $15 per person) does not cover the field costs.

At that point, I have to reach into the small reserve of funds, which typically dries up after 1 bad week of attendance. Then I have to dig into my pocket. That’s when these sessions will have to come to an end.

This is why we put tons of time and effort into communicating with all of you to ensure an adequate attendance, and reserve the right to cancel pre-booked times at the last second to stay afloat financially and keep these sessions going.

Just want everyone to be aware of what we  face as the reality of trying to organize such events as a true volunteers, without big reserve funds of a larger organization, to deal with deficits.

ENOUGH SAID !!! Thanks again for all your efforts !!! They have not gone unnoticed.


12 confirmed as of this morning, several others pending (Rob E., Kleo, G Zigoumis, G Orfanos…).

Please bring white and dark shirts and water bottles.

Be prepared to play up to 1.5 hours as there is nobody scheduled after us…

See you tomorrow at the Superdome at 9:15 AM.

Demetri (Oldtimer.ca)

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