Welcome to the “GOSS”: Greek Oldtimer Soccer Scrimmages !

It has been a work in progress, and partly the reason for the slight delay in getting this season started, but we are on the verge of making “history”… lol

Upon suggestions by many of you over the past few seasons, I decided to bite the bullet and negotiated a contract with the Bearbrook Superdome for weekly one-hour dome sessions during the off-season. Here are the details:

20 weekly sessions:

  • Saturday mornings
  • 10-11 AM (ONE hour)
  • Superdome (off Bearbrook Rd, in Blackburn Hamlet)
  • Nov 16-Apr 26 (excluding Nov 30, Feb 15, Feb 22 & Mar 1 due to unavailability)


  • Guaranteed weekly soccer till end of April (except for 4 blacked out Saturdays)
  • Guaranteed BEST indoor soccer surface EVERY WEEK (ie no more Carleton Fieldhouse wornout astroturf)
  • No need to pay, collect, have correct change, overpay or underpay weekly, etc. (makes all of our lives easier)
  • BEST weekly rate !!!
  • Included are the weekends on either side of March break, which we typically play with good attendance, but this time we get a huge discount on these dates.


  • We used to play up to an extra 15-30 minutes AFTER our 1 hour session was over in the past, because nobody was booked right after us. Nobody is currently booked from 9-10 AM, so we can probably add 15 to 30 mins at beginning of our planned sessions.
  • Included are the weekends of Dec 23 and 28, often poorly attended, but we get a huge discount on these dates. These 2 dates might become OPEN to spouses and kids of fully paid players, at no extra charge, to encourage attendance !


  • $225 (based on 16 fulltime players = $ 11.25/week, a $75 savings per player per season, off regular rate of $15/week)
  • $180 (based on 20 fulltime players = $ 9.00/week, a $120 savings per player per season, off regular rate of $15/week)

This pricing is GREAT ! Even if you cannot attend numerous weekends, the savings are such that you can still afford to do so !!!

I cannot accept more than 20 fulltimers !!! Therefore, spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Please CONFIRM BY EMAIL that you accept to join ASAP, as our contract starts in 2 days and I need to know if I have enough numbers to go ahead. Based on the preliminary replies to my email re: availability for this Saturday, I suspect we will reach 15 registrants by later tonight and possibly 20 before Saturday’s match.

Cheque for $225 is expected by Saturday. I will let you know by later tomorrow if the cheque should be for $180 instead. If we reach 20 only after this Saturday, I will refund everyone accordingly.




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